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Welcome to viewers of’s Living Green series

Welcome to viewers of in Tampa, and we hope you enjoyed Dr. Robertson’s recent interview as part of the Living Green series. The interview covered ideas relating to the conservation of energy through the use of automated processes and it is part of a larger series of interviews that looks at green technologies and one in which EcoCentury’s core technologies are discussed amongst the participants. If you missed “Conserving Through Automation”, you can view it on our website here.

About EcoCentury Technologies Inc.

EcoCentury Technologies develops and brings to market products that increase the energy efficiency of existing commercial and civic properties. Our award-winning Energy Supervisor is a hardware based system that works with existing heating, lighting, and ventilation systems.

Energy Supervisor

EcoCentury’s Energy Supervisor technology can reduce the energy usage of legacy buildings by between 25% and 40%, and an independently audited report for a case study in Maple Ridge, British Columbia confirmed energy savings within that range.

Our installations use readily-available, off the shelf sensors that interface with our hardware to manage autonomously the environments of a building. Energy Supervisor makes adjustments according to specifications set by property managers and it makes these adjustments in real time. The system has controls for heating, ventilation, gases, lighting, and can be installed with a minimal disruption to the activities in the building.

Outdoor Luminaire LED streetlamps

EcoCentury has teamed with Advanced Thermal Devices (ATD) and are developing a North American distribution network for the ATD’s LED lighting technology. ATD’s globally-patented Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) cooling system drastically reduces heat buildup on these sealed units. They are available in various configurations and have excellent brightness, long life-spans, and reduced energy consumption over conventional units.


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