Energy efficient Outdoor Luminaire LED system exceeds expectations

The City of Port Coquitlam has an ongoing test of a new energy efficient LED Street / Parking light system developed in Taiwan by Advanced Thermal Devices Inc. (ATD) and distributed in North America under an exclusive agreement with EcoCentury Technologies Inc.

ATD LED street lights are currently being installed in a number of cities in Taiwan as part of the national “green strategy”. The lights consistently show a savings of more than 60%; and, the system has a proven longer life span then traditional street light systems.

A system test was conducted by the City of Port Coquitlam (within the Greater Vancouver Regional District) using the LED system in a street lighting test during the period from December, 2008 to April, 2009. The test was monitored and audited by Cobalt Design Management Ltd. (CDML).

CDML confirmed that the LED test system exceeded the performance standards. The LED’s are brighter, more energy efficient, and longer lasting than existing LED technology. Adrian Ryan, P.Eng. of CDML says that “the system was very easy to install and operate. It exceeded expectations.”

“Municipalities are looking for opportunities to go green and procure energy efficient technologies” says Mr. Stephen Bauld an internationally recognized expert and best selling author on public sector purchasing. “The LED light system looks like it will be a very positive way to implement local government green strategies” adds Bauld.

For additional information contact:

Kerry Gibson,
President, EcoCentury Technologies Inc.

Tel: 778-996-2669