Introducing the 180 watt LED Outdoor Luminaire street lamps

EcoCentury is pleased to announce the addition a 180 watt, high-brightness LED street lamp to our range of Outdoor Luminaire LED street lamps. Developed by Advanced Thermal Devices, our newest lamp head produces up to 11 900 lumens using 180w of input power while maintaining the excellent unit lifetime of all lamps in our lineup.

ATD’s patented Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) keeps the unit at safe ambient operating temperatures and the fully-sealed, waterproof unit’s LED emitters last for more than 50 000 hours. Depending on post size and installation location, the 180W unit covers between 600m2 (30mx21m) and 1080m2.

Product Specifications

  • Lamp: high-brightness LED emitters
  • Rated lumen output: 11967 lumen typical @ 350mA per LED, ambient temperature of 25 celsius
  • Lighting efficiency: 66lm / W
  • Input power: 180W nominal@24V DC (typ), 7.35A DC (typ)
  • Operating ambient temperature: -30C to 40C
  • Weather proof: Fully-sealed, completely waterproof
  • Lifetime: > 50 000 hours
  • Dimensions : 755mm x 385mm x 135mm
  • Weight: 12.8kg

For more information about the 180W Outdoor Luminaire system and its availability for projects throughout North America, don’t hesitate to contact EcoCentury Technologies.

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